A True Civic Partnership

Brookline Interactive Group (BIG) is Brookline’s premiere community media center serving the public interest. In partnership with the Town, civic organizations, and community members, BIG has served the media and information needs of Brookline for over 40 years. Civic Brookline is the latest project on this journey to meet the needs of our Town for the 21st Century.

Brookline Community Listening Project

We believe it is crucial to co-design Civic Brookline together, and the first step in this process is a conversation. To help us turn community feedback and insights into design, we have partnered with Fora.io (previously Cortico.ai), an MIT affiliated non-profit research organization.

Their Local Voices Network (LVN) brings people together in recorded small-group conversations around their life experiences. These stories will then be analyzed and shared on an online portal (like this one) where other organizations, businesses, officials, and any Brookline stakeholder can explore, play with, and take action using the data. We’d love to have you at the table!

Civic Discourse is in Trouble
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