• Submitted by:

    Neil Gordon, TMM1

  • Title:

    Amend Article 2.1.13 of the Town’s General By-Laws to define and require lead petitioners for warrant articles.

  • Summary:

    To see if the Town will amend Section 2.1.13 of the General Bylaws, as follows (deletions in strikeout, additions in bold underline):


    (a) Definitions:

    • Voter Initiated Petition – The petition of voters in the Town requesting insertion of a subject in the warrant for an annual town meeting pursuant to M.G.L. c. 39, s. 10, or special town meeting.
    • Lead Petitioner – The registered voter of the Town identified as such on a Voter Initiated Petition.

    (b) Insertion in the warrant of Voter Initiated Petitions: The Select Board shall insert in the warrant for every special town meeting all subjects the insertion of which shall be requested of them in writing by ten (10) or more registered voters in the Town.

    (c) For administrative purposes, each Voter Initiated Petition shall identify a single Lead Petitioner, and shall include such Lead Petitioner’s relevant contact information.  

    (d) Failure to comply with the provisions of subsection (c) shall not relieve the Select Board from inserting in the warrant a subject otherwise meeting the criteria for such insertion.

    Or take any other action relative thereto.