• Submitted by:

    Chi Chi Wu, TMM7

  • Title:

    Create a new Article 3.12A of the Town’s General By-Laws to establish an Office of Housing Stability

  • Summary:

    To see if the Town will adopt the following as a new Article 3.12A of the Town By-laws:

    Article 3.12A

    Office of Housing Stability

    There shall be established an Office of Housing Stability within the Department of Public Health, or within another Town Department at the discretion of the Town Administrator. The purpose of the Office shall be to assist residents at risk of displacement, prevent homelessness, and to develop initiatives to combat displacement. The office shall serve as a resource and clearinghouse of information for residents who need housing-related 11 assistance and a forum for identifying best practices for combatting displacement. Potential services offered by the office may include:

    ● Advice and information on housing issues for Brookline residents

    ● Referrals to community agencies to prevent displacement (legal, mental health, social services, advocacy)

    ● Accessing financial assistance

    ● Advocacy with landlords or housing agencies to resolve housing disputes

    ● Case management to stabilize tenancies

    ● Housing search (affordable, private, public, inclusionary)

    ● Individual outreach to Landlords and on-line resources regarding tenant rights and housing search

    or act on anything relative thereto.