• Submitted by:

    Deputy Town Administrator and Finance Director

  • Title:

    Amend Article 3.11A of the General By-Laws in order to create a Payroll Division in the Finance Department

  • Summary:

    The Town’s Finance Department currently consists of four Divisions: Accounts (the Comptroller’s Office), Assessing, Purchasing, and Treasury, with the responsibility of processing weekly payroll for all of the Town’s 3,670 employees residing with the Treasury Division’s Payroll Subdivision. This subdivision performs a critical function, with all of the Town’s departments relying on it to operate smoothly themselves. The level of knowledge, experience, and skill necessary to ensure payroll is completed in a timely and accurate manner, while also complying with the myriad state and federal laws governing its operation, indicates that the leader of this group should be on par with other Division Heads, both in terms of position and pay.